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An ever changing and expanding resource for true sustainable living.  Loving the Planet (LTP) is now come into FORM... Through THE LOVE CAFE, 2380 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC, V8L 1X3, 250 889 5608.


There is a huge shift that is occurring and that is in how we do business here on this planet.  I know it may sound out there, ridiculous, and I may sound like I have lost it!!!  AND I HAVE!!!  I have lost the Corporate way of being in business... in fact never did have it!!!  I have a vision that is within me... I cannot stop it... I cannot hide it and I cannot NOT DO IT!!!  I am being instructed from deep within what to do and I know it goes against all the corporate/business rules that we all know and have been serving.  Conscious Business and Sacred Economics is here to stay.  Those that can see this and get on board will succeed.  The changes that are occurring within Loving the Planet/THE LOVE CAFE are part of this huge fundamental swing that must happen in order to come into Conscious Business (CB).  CB is all about being in alignment with the earth, the people, the environment and how all of these integrate together forming a synchronistic relationship where everything is taken in as a whole being. We are operating from the "HEART MIND" which is the leader when it comes to feeling/knowing the whole picture instead of just 1/2 the formula, which has been, "how do we make the most money from the quickest return."  We are following a deep wisdom that comes from honouring everything all at once.  True success comes from being in the highest of integrity in all our matters, respecting everything that will be affected by all choices, and honouring everthing that comes into our path from a place of love, and "what would love do now" mentality.  It is important that we find and support one another in this journey.


LTP believes that there are 3 fundamental aspects to Conscious Business and Sacred Economics:


1)  The absolute direct connection to the entire process of the life of food, a product and service and how it truly affects our planet as a whole entity (people, planet, animals, insects, mammals, plants, air, and water).


2) The solid formation of Community.  Community being the foundation that everything is built from.  Without it we don't have a collective sustainable resource of heart/mind and body to source from.


3)  Coming into your personal GIFT/PASSION and sharing that with everyone.  It is called Contributionism as Michael Tellinger from Ubuntu says and its called GIFTING/SHARING Economy.


We feel that CB is set up through integrating all of these 3 aspects through personal sharing/gifting or contributionism (Michael Tellinger).


The stable product that one talks of offering in corporate business is exactly what LTP is moving away from.  It is in fact the unstable product, thinking that we can continue to sell products from all over the world and just have them shipped every which way all the time... this is a system that is on its way out.   Local business, community business and support of localized/centralized food, products, and services are where we are headed.


LTP plans to help support and create a Vancouver Island Co-Operative Community Project which would include building community first and foremost through the support of local social gatherings, spiritual matters of the heart, soul, body and mind connection, local farms, gleaning programs (harvesting what we already have growing in our own yards) so much fruit goes to waste every year (did an experiment this summer in Port Alberni with respect to gleaning), sharing backyard gardening, creating edible gardens in our yards with indigenous plants, sharing/gifting economy , connecting all the local (Vancouver Island) sustainable projects, associations, farms & markets, sharing programs for services and items that we have in our home,  and helping to support the growth of new/old industry and products (locally) that are actually sustainable.  We are also supporting/researching and co-creating sustainable housing, water & waste systems and transportation.

Loving the Planet is a life practice: an eco-friendly & sustainable, earth honoring, and in harmony with the body, heart, mind and soul way of being.   We promise to act in harmony with life, nature and our environment and to provide food, products and services that do the same.  In addition, we only deal with companies who provide fair wages to workers and who protect our animal friends by never testing on them. We also offer services that help to support the awareness of a healthy body, heart, mind and soul.  We have many different services which all hold the belief that each individual has the power within them to live a life filled with joy, love and abundance.  If you have been feeling like your life just isn't getting where you want it to be give us a call at Loving the PlanetTHE LOVE CAFE and we will be deeply honoured to help support healthy changes in your existence.  

I am very excited to share my passion and “sustainable,” vision with you. Spread the good news and tell your friends so that we can continue Loving the Planet/THE LOVE CAFE.



Dana Lynn


In loving Gratitude for YOU,

What are Living Foods?


Living Foods contain enzymes and in the act of heating food over 116  degrees F this destroys the active enzymes. Cooked foods are depleted of enzymes, and it changes the molecular structure of the food. Therefore making the food energy-less and challenging for the body to absorb and distribute into an energy based fuel for the body.  In summary do the test for yourself.  Eat a live plate of vegetables... sprouted nuts/seeds and sprouts and see how you feel?  Then eat a cooked meal and see how you feel.  I am sure you will notice a difference in yourself.


What are Enzymes?
Enzymes assist in the assimilation and digestion of foods.  They are known to be the "Life-Force" and or "energy" of food.


Why are Enzymes Important?
Without enzymes we cannot feed our bodies... digest our proteins... assimilate our nutrients/vitamins/minerals to rejuvenate our body.  We may be eating a lot of food, however if its not living foods then we are starving our bodies.  If you eat food that is enzyme-less, your body will not have maximum utilization. This causes toxicity in the body.

Is there a difference between living foods and raw foods? Living and Raw foods both contain enzymes. With living foods, you'll find higher enzyme counts. Raw, unsprouted nuts contain enzymes in a "dormant" state. To activate the enzymes contained in almonds, for example, soak them in water for as little as 24 hours. Once the almonds begin to sprout, the enzymes become "active" and are then considered living.


All of the foods here are Raw Foods and we suggest that you activate them by soaking them.


Loving the Planet has a living foods line. Please check our front page for the list of products or contact us.  We are also going to be providing living foods to our local customers please contact us to discuss what living foods we can offer you.




While living abroad in Guatemala I was invited to participate in a number of Mayan Ceremonies led by the Nana’s and the Tata’s.  I was  introduced to a Mayan Priestess whom assisted in a brief introduction to the 20 Nawales of the Mayan Calendar.  Then I began receiving messages to attend a Sacred Chocolate Ceremony with a Chocolate Shaman of which I did in Lake Atitlan.  And prior to the Chocolate Shaman my meditations and dreams were introducing me to what I made out as “CHOCOLATE THERAPY.” While attending the Chocolate Ceremony and witnessing the Chocolate Shaman work with the group as well as myself, I experienced an energy that said I was home.  My messages that followed described in great detail with visuals of the Chocolate Ceremonies and Work I would be doing with others.   I have had a heart connection with Cacao for over 4 years and when I went to Guatemala and walked amongst the Cacao forest I met the soul of the plant in a way that connected my spirit assistance to it.  If you find you are curious about this please do not hesitate to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .







Announcing ....organic_tree_sticker_jpg

Loving The Planet Raw Food Line!

All of the products listed below are made from Certified Organic Ingredients unless otherwise stated. Sprouted nuts/seeds. Agave/Maple Syrup and Dates are used as the sweeteners. NO DAIRY, WHEAT, SUGAR are used in any of these recipes.

1)     Raw Chocolate Cream Pie  Standard Pie Plate $30.00
2)     Raw Nanaimo Bars  8 x 8 ½” Pan $40.00

3)     Raw Chocolate CheeZe Cake Standard Pie Plate $35.00
4)     Raw CheeZe Sprinkle 125 gr $ 5.00
5)     Raw Live Enzymatic Crackers 120 gr $ 4.75
6)     Raw Live Enzymatic Soups- Tell us what you like $ 9.00 - 900 ml glass jar
7)     Sprouted Nut/Seed Mylk – 900ml glass jar $ 5.00
8)     Raw Alfredo Pasta Dish (price TBA)
9)   Raw Marinara Pasta Dish (price TBA)

If you are interested in any of these products please let us know and we will begin preparation on them immediately, as all of our dishes are freshly made to order. We like to use glass jars to store our fresh raw food line. And we also ask that you recycle them back to us when you order again.

Here's to RAW DELIGHT,


What is Loving in Motion?


It is a Divine Practice to listen to the inner voice and language of your Spirit.  Allowing time for your unique song to come forth through the movement of your body.  And to allow for the voice of your spirit to call out through chanting, humming, growling, panting, singing, and all forms of creative expression.  To accept that you know exactly what to do to keep your body in harmony.  And to create a sacred space for this divine dance to come forth.  Loving in Motion is slow & fast movements, stretching, meditating, sitting in stillness with your body, recognizing the signs your body provides for you and working with these signs throughout your day in whatever forms your unique expression wants to take..


Loving the Planet supports those who want to find this unique and individual movement.  If you are curious to find out more please go here.

organic raw victoria bc canada food natural organic food victoria BC canada fresh organic


organic raw victoria bc canada food natural organic food victoria BC canada fresh organic

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Loving the Planet is continuously working on research and development on how to live more healthful and sustain-ably here on the planet. Your loving donation helps to support our work here at LTP.
Thank you in advance for your gracious gift to Loving the Planet.

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